We are living through unusual times. We are all forced to do more with less while we try to get our businesses back to normal. There is no more important time to optimize our operations. When it comes to prioritizing the shipment of customer orders, driving greater efficiency while having the flexibility to schedule shipments according to your company’s most critical criteria -- even if they change daily -- is paramount.

Lanham’s OWR (Outbound Warehouse Request),  gives you the power to manage these critical needs. Whether you prioritize shipments by highest revenue, completed orders, best customers, package carrier, or your own special criteria, this is a necessary tool that pays for itself quickly both in efficiency, and in helping you meet business goals in short order.

As an Extension, OWR has three features:

OWR Pick Request

If you ship directly from sales orders in Business Central with a simple shelf-numbering scheme in your warehouse, or use any method that is NOT a Business Central, Lanham or other Warehouse Management System, let OWR Pick Request provide you an up-to-the-minute view of all open orders to prioritize shipments. You can prioritize based on:

  • stock availability
  • revenue
  • carrier
  • best customer
  • or similar filters

OWR offers several filters and additional filters can be user-defined. As you prepare picks, OWR performs a soft allocation of your inventory, increasing your accurate knowledge of what is available to ship.

This product may be used in one warehouse or in many warehouses even when other warehouses in the company use more sophisticated WMS systems.

OWR Warehouse Integration

OWR Warehouse Integration is meant for warehouse situations with directed pick/directed putaway needs and bin level inventory requirements. It encompasses all of the filtering available in OWR Pick Request for shipments and adds the capability to integrate with the Business Central and/or Lanham’s ACE Warehousing WMS solutions. When using OWR Warehouse Integration, OWR Pick Request is not required.

OWR will optimize your order fulfilment process by providing an overall view enabling you to create picks, and fill orders at a glance inside your business system. OWR provides the sales, operations, or warehouse manager visibility to inventory with detailed information to make decisions on which orders to tackle first, and assistance in planning the associated picks.

Warehouses using OWR can:

  • View detailed inventory available for a single order or a group of orders before generating picks
  • Prioritize orders and generate picks in order of priority with visibility to units/dollars that can be shipped
  • Create warehouse picks and shipments in one easy step
  • Create picks by zone
  • Assign picks to a single warehouse employee or a group of warehouse employees
  • Create Combined Picks and Wave Picks when used with Lanham’s ACE Warehousing
  • Enable quick decision making for more efficient outbound fulfillment planning and execution

Print Queue Feature

Print Queue Feature

OWR Print Queue was designed to simplify printing in the cloud where ordinarily multiple steps are required each time a document is printed. It enables the user to set default PDF report and bar code destinations which can also be defined in OWR filter functionality.

The OWR Print Queue feature saves time while streamlining printing operations.

Key benefits:

  • Establishes priorities and the process to support the associated picks for shipments
  • Provides a priority choice of available stock, highest revenue, best customers, package carriers, completed orders, or your own custom priority for optimizing shipments
  • Enables you to set shipping goals and achieve them
  • Can be used stand-alone or with Business Central Warehousing or Lanham ACE Warehousing
  • Includes a Print Queue for easy, efficient printing in the cloud