EDI: Beyond Simple

Lanham EDI takes a unique approach by incorporating the mapping and cross reference engine inside your business system, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, for the most efficient EDI. This streamlined process provides a consistent user interface and access to key data from anywhere within the system.

The Lanham EDI workflow process ties incoming or outgoing EDI documents to the associated business transaction inside the business system – invoices with invoices; orders with orders. Users can report on or drill down to the related transaction detail, from either business documents or EDI documents.

Lanham EDI – Have it your way

Lanham EDI offers a variety of options and has attracted thousands more users than other EDI solutions for Dynamics 365 Business Central. Users can:

  • Rely on Lanham Services for EDI consulting or total EDI outsourcing
  • Take full control of their EDI with access to raw EDI files
  • Work with their Lanham reseller for EDI implementation

Traditional Applications or Extensions?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has evolved into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, supporting private and public cloud environments as well as traditional on-premises environments. Please be sure to review the product capabilities for your exact NAV/Business Central version -- staying on this page for the Traditional Application, which runs in NAV, or clicking here for details on the Extension version of Lanham EDI.

Traditional NAV

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
On Premises

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Private Cloud Subscription

Key benefits and features:

Users begin their day with orders and end with invoices inside the business system. Imagine easy, unprecedented access to EDI data in the UI you know:

  • Enables quick, efficient trading partner compliance.
  • Supports ANSI, EDIFACT, cXML, XML, & multiple flat files.
  • Trade Partner setup provides automated output, i.e. custom packing lists with logos.
  • Lanham VAN offers competitive rates and favorable contract terms.
  • Native, simple ASNs (Advanced Ship Notices) created via Lanham’s E-Ship.
  • Management by exception enables customer service to focus on customers, not EDI files.
  • Supports UCC-128, GS-128, AIAG, and custom labels.
  • 3PL EDI documents are easily handled enabling automation.
  • Lowest EDI cost of ownership – Direct Connect, VAN, or both as needed.
  • Users never get “locked in” with private vendor “megamaps” or VANs.

Let us show you how simple EDI can be!