Caught Between Long Lead Times and Customer Demand?

Demand Planning for Manufacturers provides relief

While it can’t change a customer’s demand for immediate availability, this solution will work to sort and streamline the acquisition of manufacturing materials and distribution of finished goods. The end result is no over-purchasing, no over-production, and more peace of mind.

Traditional Applications or Extensions?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has evolved into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, supporting private and public cloud environments as well as traditional on-premises environments. Please be sure to review the product capabilities for your exact NAV/Business Central version -- staying on this page for the Traditional Application, which runs in NAV, or clicking here for details on the Extension version of Lanham Demand Planning.

Traditional NAV

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
On Premises

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Private Cloud Subscription

Key benefits and features:

  • Handles forecasting and replenishment of components or finished goods
  • Drill-down visibility into recommendations
  • Customer collaboration and vendor collaboration
  • Finished goods forecast is compared to time-phased expected inventory to determine quantity and timeframe for product production
  • A set of user-defined increments are used to create simulated production orders, to drive demand for component or intermediate production items
  • Production plan can be changed on a daily basis
  • User can lock in near term plan to create a stable environment for capacity planning

See what Demand Planning for Manufacturers can do for you: