Put EDI to Work for You!

Are you tired of hefty chargebacks and fines from your trade partners? Want to lock down that new big customer, but struggling with meeting their EDI requirements? Missing out on early payment discounts or losing orders as you wait for your transactions to be keyed in? Do you find yourself challenged by EDI compliance and confused by constantly changing trade partner requirements?

With Lanham you can have EDI your way – run it in-house, outsource some of it, or outsource all of it. Lanham gives you complete flexibility in your EDI approach. If the options are overwhelming, we can also guide you into the best approach for your organization. We’re here to help.

EDI used to be a necessary evil required just to get a customer’s business, but these days you can also put EDI to work for you in optimizing your company’s inventory management. With Lanham solutions you can use Advanced Ship Notices sent via EDI to track inbound items in containers, so that you know what is really on the water, and when it will be available for sale.

Are you getting the most from your EDI?

Lanham EDI

Start your day with sales orders and end it with invoices – all inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Enjoy a single user interface and access to key data from anywhere in the business system.

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Inbound Container

Simplify the process of importing your inventory by using inbound Advanced Ship Notices received via EDI, or imported from Excel.

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