Seamlessly Simple Shipping

Address Verification Extension

Address errors cost you time and money

A correct and well-formatted address is the last line of defense before a company’s packages and letters leave their loading dock or mailroom for delivery.

Verifying addresses can help save time when initially entering them into your system, and also reduce potential frustration at shipping time. The Lanham Address Verification extension uses a cloud database to verify US, APO, and FPO addresses. Once you verify an address against the cloud database, it is stored in in your local business system. This way the address can be automatically verified when it is used anywhere in the business system, such as a sales order or shipping label, without interaction by the user and without re-checking the address against the cloud database.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Increases customer satisfaction and reduces charges due to shipping errors.
  • Re-verifies addresses via a date formula which automatically re-verifies the address after a specified amount of time – no human intervention required.
  • Address worksheet enables the user to verify addresses in groups.
  • Confirm if an address is residential or a business address.
  • Because Address Verification is a NAV Extension, no object merge is required.