Lanham’s Innovative Technology

At Lanham we love technology, not for the sake of technology (well, ok, some of us do), but because technology gives us the platform to deliver supply chain excellence to our customers.

Today technology is changing at an ever faster pace. The goal is to make software easier to use – whether that means having functions that are intuitive for a specific user; enabling new capabilities, and making them more user-friendly; or having seamless access to other key Microsoft products like O365, Word, Excel, and CRM. Our mission is to give you tailored simplicity by providing supply chain solutions that offer a range of simple to sophisticated functionality.

Version-controlled Software Releases

Lanham is continuously creating new software and evolving its technology to make things easier for you. Our products are not customizations. We release our supply chain software by strict version control so that everyone involved knows what software version you have, and what features and functions you should expect.

New Technologies

All of our products are available as extensions in the latest Business Central versions. We are constantly refining our apps with new functionality. When you are working with Lanham, rest assured you are working with proven, yet innovative, supply chain planning and execution software. We love what we do, and a big part of that involves making things better for you, so you too can love what you do!