Lanham Object Merges Made Easy

Object merges for traditional Microsoft® Dynamics™ NAV can be onerous, and if not done properly, can impact your ability to do future automated merges. Lanham will do object merges on our supply chain products for you, ensuring the most efficient and usable results.

Merges are often provided for a flat fee within a few business days. You provide a copy of your objects and request the Lanham Supply Chain solution(s) you are looking to add or update. We will perform the object merge and return the updated objects to you.

Having your key supply chain functions merged inside your business system allows you to have the same NAV user interface you are familiar with, along with all of your data for drill-down capabilities, dashboards, and reporting.

This also provides access to the Microsoft stack (Excel, Word, O365, etc.), with key business data at your fingertips.

Lanham Supply Chain solutions are available as traditional objects, V2 NAV Extensions, or a combination of the two. If you need access to code, we have you covered – with object merges made easy.

For information or a quote on Demand Planning object merges contact:

For information or a quote on Lanham EDI, E-Ship, E-Receive, ACE Warehousing, Outbound Warehouse Request, and Inbound Container object merges, contact: