The Ultimate Warehouse Workflow Planning Tool

Prioritize your warehouse shipping

Outbound Warehouse Request, built inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, is the warehouse manager’s primary workflow planning tool. It enables all of the activities required for planning the shipment of goods and moving them off the dock efficiently.

Traditional Applications or Extensions?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has evolved into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, supporting private and public cloud environments as well as traditional on-premises environments. Please be sure to review the product capabilities for your exact NAV/Business Central version -- staying on this page for the Traditional Application, which runs in NAV, or clicking here for details on the Extension version of Lanham Outbound Warehouse Request.

Traditional NAV

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
On Premises

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Private Cloud Subscription

Key benefits and features:

  • Supports all Dynamics 365 Business Central sales orders, purchase returns, and transfers
  • Easily creates warehouse shipments and picks in a single operation
  • When used with Business Central WMS or Lanham ACE Warehousing, adds wave, combined and extra picking processes
  • Enables quick and easy decisions regarding what can be shipped by using a variety of user-defined filters
  • Efficiently manages outbound requests by exception review

Explore Outbound Warehouse Request’s sophisticated WMS functionality: