Easy-to-Use VAN with Lower Cost and Great Visibility

The Lanham Value Added Network (VAN) is one of many options Lanham EDI provides that should be considered when exploring your EDI Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). We offer some of the lowest transaction rates and interconnect fees in the industry, and will help you minimize your EDI costs.

The Lanham VAN handles all types of transactions, and even if a specific brand VAN is required by your trading partner, the Lanham VAN offers specific VAN interconnects to deliver your documents, with lower fees, to other VANs for final delivery to the trading partner. The Lanham VAN enables you to handle all of your EDI needs in one place.

Lanham believes it is important to explore the best, least-costly methods to achieve compliance with your trading partners, and to understand your options relative to your TCO.

There are times when a direct-connect AS2 or similar connection represents the lowest cost way of attaining compliance. In these cases, Lanham will recommend that you consider the one-time fees associated with implementing these types of direct communications so that you will not have to absorb ongoing monthly VAN transaction fees for ongoing communications with your trading partner.

Lanham VAN Deliverables

The Lanham VAN provides users with the following deliverables:

  • Intuitive Document Tracking and Analytics
  • Access to GXS Trading Grid Online
  • Ability to create your own trade partner relationships
  • Option for Lanham to create your trade partner relationships
  • Dashboard visibility to inbound and outbound files

Contact us for a quote. It is important to understand your TCO, to be sure that you are taking the least-costly approach to effective EDI compliance.

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