Lanham EDI Extension Fact Sheet

Lanham EDI -- Beyond Simple

EDI is often required to do business in today’s world. While implementing the many aspects of trading partner EDI requirements can seem daunting, the Lanham EDI solution provides a seamlessly simple way to meet trading partner specifications inside your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system.

Lanham EDI resides natively inside your Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP solution for maximum visibility, access to data, efficiency, and seamlessly simple control.

EDI documents are held in their normal Business Central location (ex: invoices with invoices), as well as in Lanham EDI, including those documents that do not have a location in Business Central (ex: Inventory Advice, Sales Price Catalog & Order Status).

Lanham EDI is job queue-enabled to automatically schedule the document receiving and sending processes.

3PL EDI documents and shipments are easily handled.

Respond Quickly to Changing Requirements

Whether setting up a new trading partner or responding to changes with an existing one, Lanham EDI gives you the tools to quickly and efficiently comply with your customer’s or vendor’s changing requirements.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

With superior visibility to real-time information, Lanham EDI provides you with the tools necessary to automate and streamline your business processes, enabling you to respond to customer demands on the fly and with accurate information.

Lanham EDI Features:

  • EDI Standard
  • EDI Extended Document Handling
  • EDI Extended 3PL Document Handling
  • EDI Extended Purchasing Document Handling
  • EDI Extended Document Handling 2

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Lanham EDI Implementation Options:

Choose from several EDI implementation options, and mix and match as you like:

  • Have Lanham Services, or your Lanham Partner, implement your EDI, including mapping, testing, and go-live.
  • Use Lanham Services training to enable you to do your mapping and handle your daily operations within your Business Central system.
  • Or outsource your EDI completely, including the day-to-day operations to Lanham Services.

Complex Document Support

Lanham EDI, designed specifically for Business Central and serving Dynamics NAV and Business Central customers for 20+ years, is the most experienced EDI solution for Business Central. It supports a wide range of the most complex EDI documents. (Please feel free to check with us regarding supported documents, as these documents change constantly with trading partner requirement updates.)

EDI Standards

Lanham EDI fully supports the X12, XML, automotive, UCS, and EDIFACT standards, as well as delimited files. In fact, multiple standards are often supported within a single transmission to, or from, a Value Added Network (VAN).

In addition to these standards, many industries have added their own specific requirements to support their business transactions. Today Lanham EDI operates across all of these standards and provides the requested labels, whether they are GS1-128 (UCC-128), AIAG, or other custom package or item formatted labels.

EDI Focus Areas

Several industries have specific requirements for their unique needs that are also supported by Lanham EDI.

Retail Compliance – Total retail compliance, required by large retail companies, is accomplished by using Lanham EDI in conjunction with the Lanham E-Ship and E-Receive extension.

Automotive – Lanham EDI handles the receipt of a forecast, release against the forecast, and the processing of cumulative totals typically required by manufacturers delivering product to an automotive assembly line.

Fashion – The bulk draw-down process is supported for the fashion industry, allowing orders to be associated with blanket orders representing the total season commitment by a customer.

Food – Lanham EDI supports UCS standard documents.

Third-Party Logistics – Lanham EDI supports 3PL shipping and receiving documents, including Advanced Shipment Notices (ASNs).

The Lanham EDI Approach

Lanham EDI is unique in that it includes a logical mapping tool, built inside Business Central, to allow the seamless mapping of EDI transactions within the business system.

Perhaps the most important part of an EDI solution is the integration with your internal business processes. Yet many companies use a number of software packages, often not integrated, to try to accomplish this task.

Historically, EDI translations have been handled outside the business system, leaving the final linkage into the business system database to programmers, hard-coded programs, or even manual entry.

Lanham EDI takes a more efficient approach by incorporating the mapping and cross-reference process inside Business Central. This provides a single mapping process between the EDI documents and the business system database, a consistent user interface, native drill-down capabilities from either a Business Central document or an EDI document to view the related transaction detail, and a logical place for EDI archives.

Total Access to Data

The EDI Trace window shows all transactions that were created by and associated with incoming documents such as 850 purchase orders. The user can then drill down to view any document or associated EDI transaction bi-directionally.


Lanham EDI alerts enable the user to display preferred alerts when a specified alert-action occurs. Each EDI alert contains a text description of the alert action, and an EDI trace, or system drill down, allows the user to review the related transaction detail associated with each EDI alert.

Cross-Reference Engine

Often the most difficult part of the EDI translation process is the cross-referencing of incoming data to the business system data. For example, a trading partner typically orders an inventory item using one of several numbers, none of which may be the number you use to identify that item in your system.

Because Lanham EDI is built inside Business Central, it handles the cross-referencing and mapping in a single step inside your business system.

Lanham EDI handles cross-referencing of:

  • Items
  • Units of Measure
  • Status Codes
  • Vendors
  • Sell-To/Ship-To/Ship-For/Distribution Centers

Additionally, Lanham offers general cross-references for both inbound and outbound data such as:

  • Shipping Agent
  • Payment Terms
  • Shipping Payment Type
  • Tax Areas & Tax Jurisdiction Detail
  • G/L Account Number
  • Many More

EDI and Shipping Combined

Lanham EDI and Lanham’s E-Ship and E-Receive App, both built inside Business Central, take a unique approach of embedding all these functions inside a single system, providing a seamless flow for data, and simple, automatic generation of ASNs.

From the incoming EDI order to shipment, ASN, and invoice, the user has their familiar common user interface and access to all the details that make up the day-to-day and shipping operations.

  • All modules and functions are embedded in a single supply chain system, providing a native and automatic flow of shipping data.
  • Pack Line Scanning and standard pack automatically capture package-level detail for the ASN.
  • Bill of Lading (BOL) for planning and executing shipments.
  • Label Formatter for GS1-128 (UCC-128) and AIAG labels

The Lanham VAN

The Lanham Value Added Network (VAN) is one of many options Lanham EDI provides that should be considered when exploring your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). We offer some of the lowest transaction rates in the industry and will help you minimize your EDI costs.

The Lanham VAN handles all types of transactions, and even if a specific brand VAN is required by your trading partner, the Lanham VAN offers specific VAN interconnects to deliver your documents, with lower fees, to other VANs for final delivery to the trading partner. The Lanham VAN enables you to handle all of your EDI needs in one place.

Lanham believes it is important to explore the best, least-costly methods to achieve compliance with your trading partners, and to understand your options relative to your TCO.

There are times when a direct-connect AS2 or similar connection represents the lowest cost way of attaining compliance. In these cases, Lanham will recommend that you consider the one-time fees associated with implementing these types of communications so that you will not have to absorb ongoing monthly VAN transaction fees to handle ongoing communications with your trading partner.

Lanham VAN Deliverables

The Lanham VAN provides users with the following deliverables:

  • Intuitive Document Tracking and Analytics
  • Access to GXS Trading Grid Online
  • Ability to create your own trade partner relationships
  • Option for Lanham to create your trade partner relationships
  • Video user training and documentation
  • Carbon-Copy and Auto-Forward self-setup
  • Search, Transaction Summary, and Interconnect Status reports
  • Dashboard visibility to inbound and outbound files

Contact us for a quote. It is important to understand your TCO, to be sure that you are taking the least-costly approach to effective EDI compliance.

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