Lanham Partner Day

Lanham Partner Day returns in person this year! Specifically tailored for Lanham reselling partners, this event will focus on information to assist you in understanding our solutions and business practices, and we believe there will be something for everyone from sales people, to consultants, to implementers, to executives.

Join us as we showcase the full suite of Lanham supply chain solutions. We will follow an order taken inside Business Central, through its life cycle in the Lanham supply chain, so that you can see the seamless user interface and role centers, BC drill down capabilities, and availability of data inside Business Central. You are sure to see some new functionality along the way.

Lanham’s development philosophy, and a review of product registration and assisted setup for extensions, both in the cloud and on-prem, will also be covered.

We will review all of the resources available to you via the Lanham Partner Portal, and how we can best work together to support your success with end users. Specifically, we will cover sales and marketing resources, as well as software versions and assistance – all available to you, on demand, in the partner portal.

You will also receive information on the latest hardware to support our apps, followed by an update of how Lanham Services can complement your work, as needed, with end customers.

During the evening hours we will host a celebration of our partners – also held at the hotel, and we look forward enjoying some time with you there.

Please join us! We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Partner Day Agenda

Join us:

Date Time Event Type & Location Applicable Products Register
April 15, 2023 11:30am – 5:15pm ET In-person meeting
  • All Solutions