OWR and ACE Warehousing - Partner Training

Lanham Associates has restructured its Partner Training Classes to deliver them to you online. These classes are held specifically for contracted Lanham Reselling Partners and there is no charge to attend them.

The Outbound Warehouse Request (OWR) and ACE Warehousing Class is a four-day, hands-on, virtual class. You will be accessing a Business Central instance in the cloud, but also installing the VT100 Plugin and Print Queue Plugin on your local system to simulate a real-world installation.

Our class size is limited to 15 people per class, and we close registration one week prior to the start of class. Please reach out to Lauren Penson, laurenp@lanhamassoc.com if you have any questions or would like to be put on the waitlist.

Attendees must have a working knowledge of base Business Central warehousing capabilities. A review of base Business Central warehousing can be found here.

The focus of the virtual classes will be product set up, implementation, understanding specific functionality, and supporting the products for your customers. The classes are held for fewer hours per day and, therefore, extend over more days than some of our other product classes.

Lanham requires its resellers of ACE Warehousing to earn a certification on the product before they implement and support it. The certification consists of:

  • Successful completion of this class.
  • Successful implementation of an ACE Warehousing system with the guidance of Lanham Associates or another certified Lanham reseller.

Download the 2021 OWR and ACE Warehousing Class Syllabus