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Planning for Football’s Big Night!

Go Falcons!* Go Supply Chains!!


It’s probably not going to be top of mind when we all watch the big game on February 5th, but behind every inch and second of the game whether it’s the touchdowns, the halftime show, media coverage and commercials, or the fans in the arena — is an interwoven web of supply chains.

If you think about all the effort that goes into forecasting the demand for jerseys, helmets, hotel rooms, game tickets, hot dogs, etc., your head may start spinning like a Matt Ryan spiral pass.


And when it comes to shipping all these items and storing them in warehouses pre-event, the logistics can get even more intense, given it’s a one day, one-time event. In addition to shipping all the game related items, there’s also all the media equipment, cameras and personnel that need to be in place on the day. Not to mention all the non-glamorous items such as security barriers and port-a-potties.

Check out the numbers for this year’s big football championship game day and imagine the supply chain planning and execution behind it all:

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*Apologies to New England Patriots fans, but given our headquarters are in Norcross, GA, we’re taking some journalistic license with this headline.

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