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Take your Shipping Process from Angst-ridden to Accuracy-driven with Lanham E-Ship

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Is your shipping process an exercise in frustration?  Do you ship to the wrong address on occasion? Or ship the wrong items or wrong quantities to your customers?  Have you calculated the cost of carrier penalties? Or worse yet, the cost of return authorizations, in both labor and customer satisfaction?

If you struggle with creating labels or re-keying package level details, or you’re really tired of manually filling out Bills of Lading – read on to see how you can change your shipping process from one full of angst to a streamlined approach with nearly 100% accuracy.

Ready, Set, Ship with E-Ship in the Cloud!

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E-Ship, which helps plan and execute shipping from the time of sales order through shipment, has been combined with E-Receive into one powerful solution that addresses all your shipping and receiving needs. And – it is now available in the cloud via Microsoft AppSource or private cloud.

Like all Lanham solutions, the E-Ship and E-Receive extension is built inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Whether your products are shipped via package carriers or LTL, all of your shipping data is housed natively inside your business system.

E-Ship’s numerous features range from E-Ship Packing to Scales Interface to BOL, Rate Shopping, and Label Formatter. They each enable more efficient shipping processes — whether you deal with high- or low-volume shipping. (Even though it’s packed with features you can simply select and pay for only the features you need.)

We’ve also made popular package carriers available at no additional charge, as standalone extensions so you can make upgrades separate and easier. By offering E-Ship FedEx, E-Ship UPS, and E-Ship US Postal as separate extensions, you now have the ability to enhance a package carrier without upgrading all the carriers or the base E-Ship and E-Receive extension.

New Pricing for E-Ship in the Cloud    

E-Ship now offers some of the most aggressive pricing for shipping in the cloud today:

  • The E-Ship extension in the private or Microsoft cloud, is only $110/month, plus a penny a posted package.
  • E-Ship’s UPS, FedEx, and US Postal carrier extensions are available at no additional charge.
  • And there’s even more good news for existing customers – If they’re up to date on their Lanham enhancements, they’ll get 40% off on monthly fees when they transition to Lanham extensions in the cloud.

Feature-rich Functionality

If you’re still in shopping mode, comparing different solutions, here’s a quick overview of some of E-Ship’s features and capabilities. (We think you’ll agree that we’ve set the bar pretty high.)

Enhance your Shipping AccuracyHow can E-Ship users report accuracy levels approaching 100%? Thanks to the Pack Line Scanning feature, they know that they shipped the correct items, and they know which items are in each package, with the tracking number(s), and so does Customer Service.  Additionally, the weight of each package validates that the quantity the customer ordered was actually shipped.

How does this work? When an order is closed that is not fully packed as required by the sales order or warehouse shipment, you’ll receive a notification that one or more items were not packed.  The system automatically updates the sales order, and back-ordered items are easily exposed to anyone given access within Business Central.

Another benefit of package-level detail is the ability to print a summarized packing list, showing each package’s contents and the associated tracking number, for the last package in a group. This information can be sent automatically via e-mail to the customer, with cc and bcc addresses as needed. If you’re drop-shipping products to a client’s end customers this can be invaluable.

If you don’t have barcodes on your products, the Fast Pack option enables you to enter a quantity for each item shipped, close the package, and print the appropriate shipping label.

You can easily pack many standard packages such as cases, without scanning and weighing each package. This feature comes in handy when you’re trying to meet package shipping and labeling retail compliance requirements.

Package Carriers – FedEx, UPS, and USPS carriers are available as separate extension solutions from Lanham. They each provide seamless direct access to their respective shipping capabilities from right inside your business system, and they’re all built inside Business Central as well. So there’s no going back and forth between your business system and the carrier system. LTL is available as well.

Additional capabilities include:

  • Rate Shopping — provides the ability to estimate and quote shipping rates at the sales order or BOL level for package and LTL carriers.
  • Shipping Charges – all charges are automatically posted to the sales order and may be marked-up or down by a percentage or dollar amount per package as a handling charge.
  • Scales and Dimensional Scanner Interface – E-Ship interfaces with various electronic scales and dimensional scanners during the packing process to capture weight and dimensions to calculate shipping charges.
  • EDI and ASN Integration – Since E-Ship captures package-level detail, there is no need to re-key data or transfer information from system to system to prepare and send the ASNs. The ASNs can be automatically sent when the sales order is closed, or in the case of LTL shipments, when the BOL is closed.
  • Multi-point Shipping Requirements – If your company operates multiple warehouses and shipping points but needs to operate from its consolidated ERP system, E-Ship’s got you covered. By using E-Ship Comm, a program included in E-Ship and E-Receive that connects local devices via web services, deployed in each warehouse, it can be just as easy to ship a single sales order from California as it is from New York. E-Ship can even ship that single sales order from multiple warehouses with separate or consolidated invoicing. 

It’s Easy to Start Anywhere and Grow

Whether you ship just a little or lot, Lanham E-Ship covers all the bases. All of our supply chain solutions are designed to work together, and since the public cloud gives you the ability to choose just the features you need at the moment, it’s never been easier to start anywhere with Lanham and grow at your own pace, as business requires.

If you’d like to learn more about E-Ship and E-Receive in the cloud, check out our AppSource page.  This solution is also available as an extension for on – premises and private cloud as well.

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