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Streamline Your Supply Chain Management: E-Receive Tips

In this series of Lanham Supply Chain Tips, we will be talking about several things that can help save you time and streamline your Supply Chain Management.

View Cross-Dock using Lanham’s E-Receive solution

In order to remain competitive, distributors must offer superior quality products at the lowest possible prices. More and more emphasis is being placed on streamlining supply chain management processes and increasing efficiency. A major role in accomplishing this goal is to identify and remove processes that increase cost without increasing the value.

For instance, when you receive an order at the loading dock, you typically count, organize, and put the items away. The next day you find out that you have back orders or open sales orders for those items that now have to be picked, packed, and shipped right away.

If you are not using NAV warehousing, but want to know when you receive a shipment and have back orders or open sales orders for those items, then this E-Receive tip is for you.

Step #1: During the E-Receive process, scan the item number.

Step #2: On the E-Receive Enter Quantity window you can enter the quantity that you have to receive, but it also shows if you have a sales order demand.

Edit-Receive Line Scanning Screen


In our example above, the Sales Order Quantity shows that you will need 216 pieces of this item to fulfill sales orders. If you want to click on the hyperlink for the sales order quantity (in blue), you can even drill down to see the sales orders information that corresponds to those quantities.

Having this information at the time that you are receiving the items allows you to decide if you want to set those items aside to send over to shipping, or put them away in the warehouse which could save you the extra steps of putting the items away and then picking them again for shipping. That’s seamless simplicity!

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