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Calling all Lanham Partners!!!

-Lanham Partner Day, Sept. 16 –

The velocity of change today is truly exponential. Author Thomas Friedman has even labeled this era the Age of Accelerations. To help our reselling partners make sense of this fast-moving business climate and continue to provide customers with optimal supply chain productivity, we’veĀ organized an intensive agenda for our Lanham Partner Day, on the Saturday before Directions, Sept. 16, at the JW Marriott Orlando, Grand Lakes, FL.

In addition to new functionality and enhancements across our existing product lines, we’ll cover:

Yes, technologies are changing fast. And yes there’s a lot to learn. But the good news is now there are even more ways to help your customers streamline their supply chain operations, increase productivity, and improve the bottom line.

Check out the Lanham Partner Day agenda andĀ register here. (And be sure to join us for the evening cocktail party as well!)

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