Lanham E-Ship and EDI Class

The Lanham E-Ship and EDI Class is a four-day, hands-on, classroom training event, with two days dedicated to E-Ship and two days to EDI. The E-Receive solution is also covered in the E-Ship portion of the class. The classes utilize current versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Lanham applications. They are designed for customers interested in learning to operate Lanham’s E-Ship and EDI solutions. Resellers will learn how to install, configure, implement, and operate these solutions. Attendees can register for E-Ship only, Lanham EDI only, or the entire four days, depending on their needs.

For resellers, successful completion of this class is measured with two tests: one pertaining to Lanham’s E-Ship application, and one for Lanham’s EDI application. Certified individuals will receive a certificate acknowledging their accomplishment.

End users attending class must be accompanied by their reseller, unless they are working directly with Lanham for their EDI and/or E-Ship services and support.

Join us:

Date Event Type & Location Applicable Products Register
November 5–8, 2018 Classroom – Houston, TX
  • E-Ship
  • Lanham EDI
  • E-Receive