Terms & Conditions

The Lanham Reseller Portal is part of the Lanham Associates web site, and is governed by the same terms and conditions which can be reviewed here.

Material on the Reseller Portal is for the express use of certified Lanham resellers, and may not be suitable in its current form for end customers. Customer facing information and documents are located on the public Lanham web site, www.lanhamassoc.com.

Lanham partnering resellers have unique credentials for the Lanham Reseller Portal which are individual, and are not to be shared with others. Material on the Lanham Reseller Portal is copyrighted, and considered CONFIDENTIAL. This information is not to be shared without prior written permission from Lanham Associates. The information is never to be provided to external individuals or companies that may use them as competitive resources.

Violation of our Terms and Conditions will result in immediate loss of access to our Reseller Portal, and may result in prosecution.