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How compatible are your shipping system and carrier?

In an earlier post, we explained how E-Ship’s involvement in the FedEx Compatible Program enables users to eliminate the costly complexity of running multiple systems, retraining employees on new programs and processes, and re-entering information. In this post, we will get a customer’s perspective on the FedEx Compatible Program.

E-Ship Customer Spotlight: Jaipur Living

Based in Atlanta, GA, Jaipur Living imports home furnishing products from seven countries into its facility, before distributing them throughout Canada, the US, and Mexico.

The company’s primary carrier is FedEx, and they have been using E-Ship, a high-volume packing and shipping solution that enables FedEx capabilities inside Microsoft Dynamics NAV, to ship home furnishing products to businesses and residences all over North America for the past two years.

According to Archana Chaudhary, Jaipur’s director of supply chain, having E-Ship and FedEx fully integrated out of the box makes it very fast and easy to print shipping labels for orders. It allows them to easily handle exceptions where applicable, such as Saturday delivery. E-Ship is also smart enough to prevent users from shipping packages that exceed FedEx’s dimensions and weight requirements, or packages with incorrect zip codes.

While it used to take one person all day to scan and manually print each label and attach it to the paper pick, Chaudhary says everything is now electronic and instantaneous.

In particular, they like the feature that allows them to track a FedEx package from right inside NAV–just by clicking a button.

It’s also extremely easy to find an order by searching for its tracking number, or vice versa. (NAV and E-Ship keep all the tracking numbers related to an order in one place, even if it ships in multiple shipments at multiple times.)

Fast and (not so) Furious

All of this happens in real time. So even if a customer calls literally five seconds after their shipping label has been printed in the distribution center, Chaudhary says the customer service department is able to provide the customer with the tracking number information right away.

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How compatible are your shipping system and carrier? Contact us to learn more about E-Ship and the FedEx Compatible Program.

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