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E-Ship has done it again!

Achieves FedEx Compatible Program Platinum Tier Status — 2nd Year in a Row

We’re happy to report that for the second year in a row Lanham’s E-Ship solution has achieved Platinum Tier Status in the FedEx® Compatible program.

FedEx Compatible Program Platinum StatusWhile it may not be the Oscars, it is a significant recognition of a number of factors, including: the overall growth of E-Ship’s customer base and their FedEx shipments, product endorsements from FedEx Tech reps, E-Ship’s embrace of FedEx LTL Freight and ecommerce and international shipping, as well as our overall ability to meet FedEx’s annual rigorous certification testing requirements.

Lanham’s E-Ship solution has been part of the FedEx Compatible Program – since 1997. Through this program, core FedEx functionality is built into E-Ship – allowing customers to check shipping options and rating information for FedEx, as well as other carriers, all from a single touch point.  We also dedicate a FTE-year, each year, to meet specific FedEx shipping requirements, go through rigorous reviews, attain our annual certification, and prepare FedEx E-Ship releases across a large number of Microsoft® DynamicsTM NAV/Business Central release versions.

By supporting FedEx, as well as all the other popular package carriers, in a single user interface housed inside a company’s business system, E-Ship eliminates the need to use individual carriers’ standalone systems to obtain pricing information and then manually transfer the information to the sales order. In E-Ship, the entire sales through shipping process is accomplished seamlessly inside the business system with the customer’s familiar user interface.

This means our customers can boost their shipping efficiency by getting the benefits of E-Ship, NAV/Business Central, and FedEx all in one place, inside their business system.

In addition to providing access to FedEx’s approved shipping solution, E-Ship also bolsters customers’ shipping productivity by offering multiple packing processes, package level detail, automated ASN’s for Lanham EDI, integration with a variety of LTL and package carriers, BOL functionality, label formatting, scales interface, email, and automated links to the U.S. Government’s international shipping website.

Helping customers improve their supply chains, adding functionality as they grow, which in turn helps them grow their businesses, is our goal!

Let us know if you’d like to learn more about what E-Ship can do for you.

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